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BioBam Team at PAG30 in San Diego

This January, the BioBam team had the pleasure of attending the Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego, California. This international event is a MUST for everyone working in the Plant and Animal Genomics space. For us, coming back to PAG after the Covid break was a great opportunity to get re-connected to the community and catch up with

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Predict coding regions within transcripts in OmicsBox with TransDecoder

Most transcripts assembled from eukaryotic and prokaryotic RNA-Seq data are expected to code for proteins. The most practical procedure to identify likely coding transcripts is a sequence homology search, such as by BLASTX, against sequences from well-annotated and related species. Predicting coding regions is crucial to determine the molecular role that transcripts play in the cell. Unfortunately, such well-annotated nearby

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OmicsBox Sign-Up Activation Tutorial

In this article, you will find simple and quick instructions to create your OmicsBox account. Please follow each step of the process and in case any doubt or error may arise, email our support team at support@omicsbox.com.   How to Sign-Up in OmicsBox: Step 1: Start Up OmicsBox to activate the software Introduce the Subscription Key you received in your

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OmicsBox won’t start on Ubuntu Linux

On Ubuntu Linux and other distributions, OmicsBox might not start. This can happen due to an incompatibility of JavaFX in combination with Wayland and GTK3. This blog describes a possible workaround for this problem. Step 1: Open a terminal window and check if the following command gives you “wayland”. If it gives you “x11” the OmicsBox is probably not starting

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BioBam is part of INTERCEPT-MDS, a European ITN

We are very proud to be part of the European Project INTERCEPT-MDS, a highly competitive international training network (ITN) that seeks to advance cancer research and have a high impact on future generations of researchers. In this article, you can learn more about ITNs in general and this initiative in particular. What is an ITN? An ITN is a training

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ISO 27100

BioBam’s Commitment to Data Security: ISO 27001 Certification

At BioBam, we are strongly committed to ensuring that all of our bioinformatics solutions comply with the highest data security standards. We aim to provide the highest security for our customer’s data, which we store and protect. BioBam can proudly announce that we have achieved our first ISO 27001 certification for Information Security and Privacy in 2020.  

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Cell-Type Identification via Functional Enrichment Analysis of Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

  Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has proven its usefulness in deciphering biological processes. Since it allows the study of samples at the cell level, it provides a more detailed view of the underlying biology.  A nearly mandatory step in any scRNA-seq analysis is to identify the cell types present in the analyzed samples so further biological insights can be obtained.

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BioBam at the ECCB 2022

From the 18th to the 21st of September, the BioBam team had the opportunity to take part in one of the largest European conferences on computational biology. The Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB/ELIXIR-ES) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) welcomed bioinformatics and bioscientist from all over the world to the city of Sitges (Barcelona, Spain) to participate in the 21st

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OmicsBox 2.2 Release

We are happy to announce the latest update of OmicsBox 2.2. After several months of intensive work we are finally ready to present the new version of BioBam’s bioinformatics solution. OmicsBox 2.2 comes with new Single Cell and Long Read Data Analysis Features and many other platform improvements. OmicsBox continues improving to become the most efficient, powerful and user-friendly bioinformatics

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