Your Economic Private Cloud. Secure, Powerful and Reliable

What is OmicsCloud?

OmicsCloud is an AWS based cloud platform for high-performance, secure and scalable bioinformatics analysis. With OmicsCloud, we offer a highly optimized, self-sustained HPC solution which provides a very performant system at the minimum expense for your daily analysis tasks.



We assure the highest cost efficiency with a managed AWS account and the use of spot instances. With a minimal stand-by footprint and a pay-as-you-go approach, you only pay the AWS resources that you really use.


Security Comes First

An AWS VPC with network firewalls limit the access to the infrastructure. VPC connectivity options allow private or dedicated connections from your office or on-premises environment. Data is encrypted in transit across all services.


The Power of Cloud

Easily and efficiently run hundreds of tasks in the cloud using a fully managed processing service, available at virtually any scale.


Production Ready

OmicsCloud is the backend of OmicsBox, successfully executing hundreds of diverse bioinformatics pipelines a per month. This stands for its robustness, madurity and reliabality.

Designed for Bioinformatics

Designed with Bioinformatics in mind. Bioinformatics tools often have special requirements, like access to big databases and large computational resources.

In OmicsBox we took care of those requirements and optimized the system in order to provide you with a highly efficient, economical, secure, powerful and reliable platform.

The web management console allows easy monitoring of usage and expenses of the platform, and enables full control over the versioning of tools and algorithms.

CI/CD practices for new tools integrations

Best practices implemented in the process of integration of new software.

  • Use of source control systems to easily manage changes. Integrated with different Git providers. Github, BitBucket, AWS Code Commit.

  • Use continuous integration technologies to automatically test and deploy your software in the cloud. From code to service.

  • Deploy your algorithms using software containers.

Built on AWS

BioBam is an AWS Technology Partner and our solution is supported by the certified AWS infrastructure. The AWS environments are continuously audited, with certifications from accreditation bodies across the globe. We use data transfer encryption to a virtual private cloud to guarantee a safe working environment. Account information is kept secure with state-of-the-art authentication services and AWS permission policies.

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Pricing for a custom AWS Cloud Solution with OmicsCloud is composed of a one-time setup fee, AWS usage, maintenance based on usage and any customizations if necessary.