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BAM File Quality Control

Transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) produces big amounts of valuable information on all transcribed elements in the genome. With RNA-Seq, researchers can interrogate the transcriptome to profile gene expression, uncover alternative splicing, and identify novel and discard aberrant transcripts and coding variants, among others. The resulting BAM Files are the source of information for all proceeding step

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scRNA-seq Differential Expression with EdgeR

Why Differential Expression Analysis with Single-cell RNA-seq data? The differential expression (DE) analysis has been used in bulk RNA-seq analysis for many years. It statistically measures changes in gene expression levels between different groups. With bulk RNA-seq analysis many cells are sequenced at the same time, so gene expression levels are commonly measured at the tissue level. Thus, the differences

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Long read LongQC

Quality Assessment with LongQC

Specific tools for a new generation of sequencing Third Generation Sequencing (TGS) is getting a notable increase in relevance by surpassing some of the limitations of NGS technologies. In that sense, the main feature of TGS is the capacity to produce much longer reads than NGS. These long reads facilitate the assembly of complex genomes and the study of alternative

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Long Read Transcriptome with SQANTI3

Transcriptome Analysis with SQANTI3

Transcriptome analysis is a challenging bioinformatic problem. In eukaryotic transcriptomes, alternative splicing and alternative polyadenylation are the most complex issues. Genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing has been studied with short-read RNA sequencing for a while. Nevertheless, this technology needs a subsequent assembly, which is difficult to be resolved in ambiguities in complex loci.

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Biobam receives a grant from the Valencian Innovation Agency – AVI

  We are proud to announce that we have received a grant from the Valencian Innovation Agency – AVI Our I+D+i project “EVOLUTION OF THE COMPANY’S CLOUD SYSTEM TOWARDS AN ADVANCED ELASTIC PLATFORM FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING AND MASSIVE SEQUENCING DATA PROCESSING” has received a grant from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) in the line L3 Industrial Doctorate (innodocto) to support

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Gene Prediction Augustus OmicsBox

Eukaryotic Gene Finding with OmicsBox

Introduction Given a new genome, one of the first and most important tasks is determining the structure of its protein-coding genes. Ab initio gene prediction algorithms play a critical role because they produce gene structures quickly, inexpensively, and remarkably reliable. In OmicsBox, the Eukaryotic Gene Finding application is based on AUGUSTUS, which is one of the most accurate programs for

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