OmicsBox Video Introduction

OmicsBox Video Introduction

This 5-minute video provides a brief introduction to OmicsBox. All main features of all modules are introduced.

OmicsBox is a bioinformatics Solution to easy your Omcis Data Analysis. Our workflows get you  from raw reads tp insights fast and easy. 

The presented modules include Transcriptomics, Functional Annotation and Analysis with Blast2GO, the Genome Analysis Module as well as the Metagenomics Module. Finally OmicsBox itself offers important functionalities for the analysis and interpretation of omics data like for example the tools for the Quality Control of FASTQ files or the visualization of files in a Genome Browser. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Genome Analysis: Quality Control And Assessment, De-Novo Assembly, Repeat Masking, Gene Finding, Coding Potential
  • Transcriptomics: Quality Control, Quantify Expression, De-Novo Assembly, RNA-Seq Alignment, Differential Expression Analysis
  • Functional Analysis: High-Throughput Blast and InterProScan, Gene Ontology Mapping, Blast2GO Annotation, Enrichment Analysis, Functional Interpretation
  • Metagenomics: Quality Control And Assessment, Taxonomic Classification, Metagenomics Assembly, Gene Prediction, Functional Annotation

For more video tutorial have a look at our Video Blog or visit our YouTube channel.

Download OmicsBox here and get a free trial to get started

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