KEGG Pathways in OmicsBox

KEGG Pathways in OmicsBox

At BioBam, we are proud of the renewal of our KEGG license as a Business Provider with Pathway Solutions Inc.

The KEGG Pathways is a widely-used collection of manually drawn pathway maps. This agreement enables us to provide the KEGG feature to academic and commercial customers worldwide, facilitating a deeper understanding of biological processes.


KEGG, the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes



KEGG is a database resource for understanding high-level functions and utilities of the biological system, such as the cell, the organism and the ecosystem, from molecular-level information, especially large-scale molecular datasets generated by genome sequencing and other high-throughput experimental technologies.

The Combined Pathway Analysis, a feature of the OmicsBox software, allows for the identification and combination of gene annotation and expression data directly on enriched pathways for any model or non-model organism dataset. Rich visualizations allow the highlighting of elements of significantly altered pathways with expression patterns. The tool enables insightful data interpretation by placing experimental results within the context of biological systems.

For more information, please have a look at the OmicsBox online User Manual.

Pathway Analysis with OmicsBox: Analyzing a Salamander Limb Regeneration Transcriptomics Dataset


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