Interview with Mariana Monteiro

Interview with Mariana Monteiro

Interview with Mariana Monteiro, a Bioinformatician, Sales and Customer Manager at BioBam.

What I value the most about BioBam is that it is a very human company very close to its employees.

How long have you been working at BioBam?

I’ve been working at BioBam for over 5 years, and I am currently in charge of sales and customer management, among other duties.

What are you most passionate about in relation to your work?

What I’m most passionate about is the relationship with customers, and being able to provide them with the best technical support or advice. An also, being a part of the testing team, I love to know that we will deliver our clients a solid, professional and high-quality product.

What do you value the most about BioBam as a company?

What I value the most about BioBam is that it is a very human company that is very close to its employees. I also value the professionalism of the entire BioBam team.

What is a normal workday like for you?

A normal workday begins with making quotations, invoices and contracts.

Once I’m done with those tasks, I solve client issues, which may be technical or methodological in nature. These tasks are combined with the development of testing protocols for the software that we create.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working in the field of bioinformatics?

 If I weren’t working in bioinformatics, I would have liked to work as a translator and interpreter, since I have a knack for languages.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

 I like going for a stroll with my family along the beach or in parks, such as the course of the Turia River. I also like doing sports as a family, and especially biking, practising tae-kwon-do and swimming.


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