New Version 3.3

New Version 3.3

(Release Date: 9/05/2016)

We are very happy to announce the latest release of Blast2GO 3.3.
Blast2GO will update automatically if activated. Otherwise please download the latest version online from here. Feedback, questions, as well as feature requests, are most welcome. Please write to us: support@biobam.com

Highlight the features of version 3.3

  •  New Basic feature: Easily create and blast against a local database.
  • New filters can be applied during the annotation step. These filters allow e.g. to easily perform a “Top-Hit-with-GOs” annotation.
  • New feedback forms allow us to improve Blast2GO with the help of your input.
  • The new Blast2GO App Manager allows adding additional tools to Blast2GO.
  • Predict bacterial protein subcellular localization annotations with PSORTb 3. Available as App here.
  • The “Translate longest ORF” feature has now many more options and allows you to choose the open reading frame based on the Top Blast Hit.
  • Create distribution charts (dot, bar, line) of any of your generic table columns.
  • Easily find and remove highly similar and/or redundant sequences within large datasets using the BLAT algorithm.
New Blast2GO Version 3.3

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