Pairwise Differential Expression Analysis

The Pairwise Differential Expression Analysis tool is designed to perform differential expression analysis of count data arising from an RNA-seq experiment. The application, which is based on the software package “edgeR”, allows the identification of differentially expressed genes between two experimental conditions by applying quantitative statistical methods. This video shows the performance of a pairwise differential expression analysis in which

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Pairwise Differential Expression Analysis

A simple use-case comparing OmicsBox with R chunks The OmicsBox feature “Pairwise Differential Expression Analysis” is designed to perform differential expression analysis of count data arising from RNA-seq technology. This tool allows the identification of differential expressed genes considering two different conditions based on the software package ‘edgeR’, which belongs to the Bioconductor project. This use case shows the basic

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New Blast2GO Version 3.3

Major Release Version 4

(Release Date: 13/09/2016) We are very happy to announce the release of Blast2GO 4. This new version contains many new bioinformatic features like Differential Expression Analysis, Gene Finding or Gene Set Enrichment Analysis. Blast2GO will update automatically if activated. Otherwise please download the latest version online from here. Feedback, questions, as well as feature requests, are most welcome. Please write

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