Mining Genes involved in Biodegradation of Tannery Wastes

Mining Genes involved in Biodegradation of Tannery Wastes

Through Metagenomics Analysis of Microbial Communities in a Hyperalkaline Spring at Manleluag, Pangasinan

BioBam Supported Project – with OmicsBox.


Important insights can be gained through metagenomic studies performed on microbial communities inhabiting diverse ecosystems.

In this study, the hyperalkaline spring at Manleluag, Pangasinan is an example of such an ecosystem that may harbor specialized and complex microbial communities, in which different members carry several functional genes which have crucial roles in surviving the unique conditions of the environmental site.

Manleluag Hot Spring National Park

Manleluag Hot Spring National Park in Mangatarem (asensopangasinan.com)

Mining Genes involved in Biodegradation of Tannery Wastes

Proteobacteria (Wikipedia)


Contribution of OmicsBox

A bioinformatics approach combining the pipelines of OmicsBox and MG-RAST analyzed the taxonomic groups and annotated the functional characteristics of the metagenome. The analysis showed that the microbial community was dominated by bacteria belonging to Proteobacteria, thereby suggesting that taxa belonging in this phylum should be considered as principal members of the Manleluag microbial community and their involvement in keratin degradation were not computationally predicted.
Overall, this research embarked on a metagenomic survey on a hyperalkaline spring and it reported the bereft of genes capable of metabolizing tannery wastes.

“Because of BioBam’s software, I easily subjected my metagenome to quality control, assembly and annotation wihin a reasonable timeframe using the bioinformatic algorithms in OmicsBox.

I will forever be greatful to the BioBam’s team.”

— Juri Nazareth M. Ochotorena




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