Dynamics of bacterial resistome associated based on metagenomics analysis

Dynamics of bacterial resistome associated based on metagenomics analysis

New BioBam Scholarship Supported Project – with OmicsBox.

BioBam’s central mission is to provide the scientific community with accessible and user-friendly bioinformatics solutions to accelerate biological research. 

Given our strong commitment to scientific advances, we seek to facilitate equal access to our software services. One of our contributions takes the form of scholarships for students immersed in research. 

In this way, we are glad to announce a new BioBam Supported Project with a full 6-month subscription to OmicsBox. The subscription has been granted to Santhiya  Kalimuthu, a  PSG College of Technology PhD student involved in a metagenomics research project.



The world of metagenomics is an upward trend within the bioinformatics field and attempts to analyze and characterize the genetic content of microbial communities and their relationships with ecosystems directly from environmental samples. 

Microbial communities’ interaction with bacterial resistomes can disclose hidden microbial reservoirs and microbial transmission routes. Resistomes can be compared within and between target groups using metagenomics-based analysis. 

The study’s goal is to identify the primary resistomes and mobile elements present in various ecosystems by analyzing metagenome sequence data from wastewater, freshwater, ocean sediment, and human samples, allowing for considerable research on the impact of antibiotic resistance on the environment and human health.

 In this study, OmicsBox will be used for metagenomic read assembly using Spades, followed by gene prediction utilizing functional analysis/ annotation. Antibiotic resistance and mobile elements will be identified using custom BLAST against the standard database. The taxonomic categorization will next be carried out using Kraken. Finally, statistical analysis will be performed using R programming to determine the abundance of resistomes and their relation with mobile elements in each ecosystem.

Santhiya Kalimuthu, Dynamics of bacterial resistome associated with mobile elements in varied ecosystems based on metagenomics analysis – An In Silico approach.


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As this is an ongoing project, we will await the results of the study to gather OmicsBox’s input. We are eager to hear about the progress of this research and the contributions it will make to its area of expertise.

OmicsBox is a fascinating platform that provides a one-stop solution for data analysis from genomics, transcriptomics, and metagenomics.

Santhiya Kalimuthu, about OmicsBox.

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