White sequences in CloudBlast and CloudIPS

White sequences in CloudBlast and CloudIPS

CloudBlast and CloudIPS need Cloud Units to work.
If all Cloud Units have been consumed CloudBlast and CloudIPS will stop. Consumption depends on what you are doing. The most costly (in terms of computation time) analysis is definitely to do a blastx against the whole NR with very long sequences. The smaller the database used the less Cloud Units are used. Use the taxonomy filter option to run blast against a smaller database.

It is possible to monitor the number of Cloud Units used during the blast. Check consumption from your BioBam Account or within OmicsBox under the View menu.

OmicsBox Subscription:
OmicsBox subscriptions can add Cloud Units to the account.

OmicsBox Trial:
Limit number of Cloud Units to evaluate CloudBlast and CloudIPS. It is not possible to add Cloud Units to a trail accounts.

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