Release Version 5

Release Version 5

Release Date: 13/01/2018)

Just in time for the PAG Plant & Animal Genome Conference, we launched Blast2GO 5! This major release brings many new features. Most importantly, Blast2GO is now connected to the powerful BioBam Cloud, an AWS  architecture which gives a big boost to many analysis steps. Details below. 

To upgrade from version 4 to 5 you have to download the latest version here. Minor updates will be automatic, as usual.

Feedback, questions, as well as feature requests, are most welcome. Please write to us: support@biobam.com

Highlight Features of Version 5:

  • InterProScan in the Cloud (CloudIPS)
  • Workflows (Create, View, Run)
  • De-Novo Transcript Level Quantification (Fasta + FastQ)
  • Blast Result Alignment Viewer
  • High-Performance GFF File Viewer
  • PDF Reports for “RNA-Seq” and “Gene Finding” features
  • New Gene Ontology ID-Mapping Strategy (faster, more complete, “gi” independent)
  • New design for many result pages
  • “Find Similar Sequences” performance improvements
  • Faster Species Taxonomy Queries
  • Preferences: Define Memory and Temporary Files Settings
  • Preferences: Choose Gene Ontology Version: latest or month
  • Improved “Cloud Usage” Monitor
new version 5

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