New Metagenomics Features

New Metagenomics Features

Release OmicsBox version 1.2 (24th of October, 2019)

We are happy to announce the following updates for the Metagenomics Module.

New Metagenomics feature include OTU Differential Abundance Testing and several new taxonomy plots: Chao1 Diversity, Rarefaction Curves and PCoA.
More details can be found below as well as in the online user manual and Metagenomics Module website.

New Taxonomy Statistics and Plots

Principle Coordinate Analysis (PCoA) Plot

  • Get a first idea of how the samples separate by coordinates
  • Possible with and without experimental design
  • Available for different taxonomic levels (Species, Genus, Phylum, etc.)

Chao1 Species Diversity Curve

  • Evaluate species diversity for the whole dataset
  • Available for different taxonomic levels (Species, Genus, Phylum, etc.)
Taxonomic Classification bar chart by Phylum

Rarefaction curves

  • Check the sequencing depths for all samples
  • Available for different taxonomic levels (Species, Genus, Phylum, etc.)
taxonomic chart omicsbox

OTU Differential Abundance Testing

This tool identifies Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs) that significantly differ between 2 microbial communities (groups). It is implemented based on edgeR, which belongs to the Bioconductor project, and implements statistical tests to evaluate the significance of OTU abundances between a contrast and a reference group.

  • Easily execute DA-tests with complex group configurations
  • PDF Report
  • Heatmap to summarize the results
new metagenomics features in omicsbox
new metagenomics features in omicsbox
OTU Plots

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