LongTREC – BioBam member of a new ITN initiative

LongTREC – BioBam member of a new ITN initiative

The European Union’s ITN initiative provides funding and hosting opportunities for Ph.D. students from around the world. As previously noted in one of our earlier posts, the ITN brings together some of the most prestigious institutions in the European Union to work on innovative research projects.

Today we are pleased to present you the LongTREC project. Its primary objective is to advance the field of transcriptome research using Long-Read sequencing technologies.

What  is the LongTREC project about:

LongTREC is a Ph.D. network that aims to advance the research field of Long-Read Transcriptomics.

The program is dedicated to training the next generation of computational biologists to address current and upcoming challenges in transcriptome analysis using long-read RNA sequencing. Through an intensive training program that includes courses, workshops, and lectures by leaders in long-read sequencing, Ph.D. students will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills in transcriptome analysis.

The LongTREC project offers several benefits to doctoral candidates who participate in the program. These benefits include the chance to work for 36 months in one of the top European groups for lrRNA-seq technologies, which provides candidates with valuable experience and skills in this type of analysis. Additionally, candidates have the opportunity to conduct research with both public and industry partners, which allows them to build a unique and strong network in the field.

BioBam’s contribution:

Development of a user-friendly software solution of lrRNA-seq analysis. From mapping to pathway analysis

BioBam Bioinformatics is proud to be a part of the LongTREC program and is excited to contribute to the future of this extraordinary field of research. Currently, analysis pipelines either do not exist or can be challenging to navigate. Therefore, we aim to develop a user-friendly software solution that includes options for the functional interpretation of Long-Read based RNA-Seq data. Our solutions will enable users to easily analyze their data, from read mapping to pathway analysis. In this context, BioBam will work in close collaboration with all LongTrec members as THE leading experts in the field to ensure that our methods are beyond the state-of-the-art. BioBam’s ultimate goal is to make cutting-edge lrRNA-seq data analysis accessible to researchers who may not have a strong background in this type of bioinformatics data analysi

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