COVID-19 Research Project in the US with OmicsBox Support

COVID-19 Research Project in the US with OmicsBox Support
BioBam Supported Project – with OmicsBox.



We are interested in understanding the molecular differences that underlie the different COVID19 progression severity observed between men and women. For this, we will use OmicsBox to systematically interrogate different tissues available from the GTEX RNA-seq dataset for gene expression differences between men and women. We will restrict our analysis of the set of COVID19 disease map genes and analyze involved pathways using the set of enrichment and pathway analysis tools that OmicsBox offers. We expect that OmicsBox will speed up and facilitate the multiple differential expression and pathway analysis tasks involved in this project.

This project is now supported with free access to all OmicsBox resources, including all modules and unlimited cloud computation.

OmicsBox supports COVID-19 projects

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