BioBam Trip to PAG in San Diego

BioBam Trip to PAG in San Diego


The BioBam team has recently returned from the 31st International Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG) in sunny California. Once again, PAG proved to be a great place for sharing, learning, and presenting the latest features of our bioinformatics solutions.


We showed OmicsBox to many attendees and hopefully improved their understanding of its rich set of features and all its different bioinformatics modules. Exchanging ideas with many genomics experts provided great insights and we are very grateful for all the valuable discussions.

Meeting existing and past users who shared their experiences with OmicsBox was also really great. Connecting with many of our long-term users in person and receiving positive feedback was a pleasure for the whole team.

But, the undeniable stars of the show? Our BioBam Ducks! Those little guys flew off the shelves faster than one could say “genomics.” We hope they have found new homes in the laboratories of researchers and colleagues worldwide.

We would like to say thanks to everyone who visited our booth and explored OmicsBox with us. We hope you found PAG as exciting as we did!

So here’s to PAG 31 – where genomics met fun, and ducks found new homes. We are already looking forward to meeting again next year.


About the Author Paula Cubilles Paula is a versatile professional with a background in visual arts, design, and branding. With her expertise in communication and marketing, Paula brings a creative and strategic approach to BioBam's brand.

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