Release of OmicsBox v.1.1

Release of OmicsBox v.1.1

Feature Highlights:


  • New Metagenomics Module:
    • Taxonomic Classification based on Kraken
    • Metagenomic Assembly based on MEGAHIT and meta-SPAdes
    • Metagenomic Gene Prediction based on FragGeneScan and Prodigal
  • User Interface Improvements: 
    • Search box for menu actions
    • Improved citations in wizards and reports
    • Main Toolbar Menu structured by modules
    • Improved taxonomy widget in CloudBlast and Repeat Masker
  • Blast Update to new version (blast+ 2.9.0)
  • Dynamic Blast Database based on taxonomy groups
  • DNA-Seq De Novo Assembly based on ABySS 2.0
  • RNA-Seq Alignment against reference genome based on STAR
  • Differential Expression Analysis without Replicates based on Noiseq
Metagenomics Moadule
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