OmicsBox Update Version 2.0

OmicsBox Update Version 2.0

BioBam announced today the release of OmicsBox 2.0. This new version of BioBam’s bioinformatics solution offers a user-friendly data analysis platform which allows to get from next generation sequencing reads to biological insights with ease.

The software offers “out-of-the-box” data analysis and functional interpretation of genome, transcriptome and metagenome datasets for industry, academic and governmental research biologists. OmicsBox is used by top private and public research institutions worldwide.

We are super excited about our latest OmicsBox release. Highlights are definitely the unique set of metagenomics analysis tools as well as the new “Combined Pathway Analysis” feature. It allows to combine functional information with expression data and helps identify and visualize altered biological pathways for any organism with ease. We are convinced many of our existing and new users will love these new features.”

Dr. Stefan Götz, CEO of BioBam Bioinformatics S.L.

OmicsBox is structured in the following modules and can be configured as required: Genome Analysis, Transcriptomics, Functional Analysis, Metagenomics. The Functional Analysis module includes the Blast2GO functional annotation methodology and makes Omicsbox specially popular in non-model organism research with over 10.000 scientific citations. OmicsBox relies on cloud computation for all resource-consuming tasks like for example genome assemblies or any other CPU or memory-consuming algorithms. All these computationally challenging bioinformatics pipelines can be run transparently with OmicsBox from any standard PC or laptop on Windows, Linux or Mac. OmicsBox is based on a subscription model with very flexible licensing options.

New Features:

Functional Analysis

Transcriptomics Module

  • De-novo Isoform Discovery for PacBio Long Reads (Iso-Seq)
  • Updates for Trinity (2.12.0), BUSCO (5.1.2) and STAR (2.7.8a)

Metagenomics Module

  • rRNA Removal with SortMeRNA
  • Contaminant Removal with Bowtie2
  • Kraken and Pfam (v.34) Database Updates

Genome Analysis Module

  • New DNA-Seq Alignment with Bowtie 2
  • Improved Eukaryotic Gene Finding with Augustus
  • Updates for: ABySS (2.3.0), SPAdes (3.15.2), Flye (2.8.2), Augustus (3.4.0) and RepeatMasker

General Tools and Improvements

OmicsBox 2.0 copy

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