How to use PSORTb

How to use PSORTb

This tutorial shows how to assign subcellular localizations with PSORTb in Blast2GO. We also explain how to merge the obtained results to the existing functional annotations of a Blast2GO project.

Blast2GO allows to assigns subcellular localization sites to proteins based on their amino acid sequence via PSORTb. PSORTb is an algorithm which can be applied to bacteria or archaea protein sequences and uses a  probabilistic system to predict the most probable localization. Once sites are predicted, its corresponding cellular component Gene Ontology terms can be merged with the already existing Blast2GO annotations. In this way, it is possible to improve the functional annotation of your sequences.

If you use this function in Blast2GO, please cite:

N.Y. Yu, J.R. Wagner, M.R. Laird, G. Melli, S. Rey, R. Lo, P. Dao, S.C. Sahinalp, M.Ester, L.J. Foster, F.S.L. Brinkman (2010). Improved protein subcellular localization prediction with refined localization subcategories and predictive capabilities for all prokaryotes, Bioinformatics 26(13):1608-1615.

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