Cloud Units Calculator
Estimate Your Units Consumption

Estimate your CloudBlast Unit Consumption

The Cloud Units Calculator on this website has been designed as a tool to help estimate the approximate amount of units that are needed to blast a set of sequences again a public DB.

The unit consumption for blast jobs strongly depends on the size of the bast database, the search parameters (e.g. blastp or blastx) as well as the size of the sequence dataset. 

The calculator on the right is based on past calculations and provides an estimate amount of units. This might vary over time as public protein datasets keep growing. To obtain a more precise estime we recommend to run a CloudBlast search with a small subset of your data and extrapolate the units consumption to the whole dataset.

We also strongly recommend to carefully read the following blog post on how to use your cloud units wisely.

Cloud Units Calculator

How many units to I need to blast all my sequences?

Important Note: These result are an estimate based on previous calculations and may vary depending on your dataset and parameters.

Estimated Amount of Units:
Estimated Costs:

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