Blast2GO Command Line Features 1.1.4

Blast2GO Command Line Features 1.1.4

(Release Date: 01/10/2015)

You can now perform Blast and InterProScan from within the CLI, which means you can run the whole functional annotation analysis with just one command. Find here some useful command line examples.

New Main Features:

  • Improved PDF report (see example: Tomato).
  • Run Blast locally or via the Blast2GO CloudBlast.
  • Run a remote InterProScan directly from within the Blast2GO command line.
  • Improved local database installation and update.
  • Extract Fasta sequences from a Reference Genome via a GFF or GTF file.
  • More detailed and explicatory properties file.
  • More detailed logging, additional export functions, etc …

Click here for more information about the Command Line

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