How to select sequences by function and create ID lists

How to select sequences by function and create ID lists

This tutorial shows how to use the Generic Table and the “Select” functions in Blast2GO to identify sequences based on its biological functions and how to create and combine ID lists. These lists can be saved and used in downstream analysis like e.g. enrichment analysis.

In Blast2GO, sequences are shown in table format. Per default, annotation projects use the Blast2GO Table which makes use of colors to classify the sequences according to their state (blasted, mapped, annotated, etc.).

The Generic Table, explained in this video, is an alternative visualization which uses tags instead of colors to differentiate the sequences. Via the context menu (see image) it is possible to extract the column content for the selected rows as ID lists. The sequence selection can be made with the select function. In this video, we show how to use GO terms or IDs to select all sequences related to “cell death” and “cell aging”.

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