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BioBam Bioinformatics is a knowledge-based company dedicated to creating user-friendly software for the scientific community.


Our vision

At BioBam we believe that genomic research has a great potential to improve human health, food safety, environmental quality, and to contribute to the welfare of humankind. However, to realize this potential, software solutions that make the analysis and interpretation of genomic data an easy, attractive, and effective task must be developed and made available to the research community.

Our mission

BioBam is committed to the development of user-friendly software solutions for biological research, and to making them readily accessible to the scientific community. We carefully monitor customer demand, which drives us to constantly improve the value of our products and hence to effectively contribute to advances in genomics. Our mission is to transform the process of complex data analysis into an attractive and interactive task. BioBam is devoted to closing the gap between experimental work, bioinformatics analysis, and applied research.



BioBam Bioinformatics is currently recruiting talented professionals. To find out more about working at BioBam please contact us at:
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We organise tailor-made workshops and bioinformatics training activities to provide you and the scientific community around you with the applied knowledge that you need. Read more



Cutting edge solutions that speed up your discovery processes are based on our continuous research efforts, in-house and in collaboration with our academic partners. Read more


If you are searching for a personalized solution for your bioinformatics tasks, we can provide high-throughput computational solutions allowing you to access, integrate and analyze your data, and convert it into relevant information when you need it and always within a relevant context.
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