Blast2GO Command Line Versions

Previous Versions of the Blast2GO Command Line

Maintenance UntilVersionDownload Link
May 20211.5.1Linux and MacOS
Apr 20211.5.0Linux and MacOS
Dec 20181.4.4Linux and MacOS
Nov 20181.4.3Linux and MacOS
Oct 20181.4.2Linux and MacOS
Feb 20181.4.1Linux and MacOS
Feb 20181.4.0Linux and MacOS
11/11/20161.3.3Linux and MacOS
10/10/20161.3.2Linux and MacOS
19/9/20161.3.1Linux and MacOS
14/7/20161.3.0Linux and MacOS
21/6/20161.2.2Linux and MacOS
25/4/20161.2.1Linux and MacOS
21/4/20161.2.0Linux and MacOS
15/1/20161.1.5Linux and MacOS
21/12/20151.1.4Linux and MacOS
17/12/20151.1.3Linux and MacOS
20/11/20151.1.2Linux and MacOS

Version History

  • Fixed InterProScan parsing issue with certain XML tags
  • Fixed analysis report
  • Removed GO Mapping database chart
  • Now requires Java 11
  • Added Cloud InterProScan
  • Fix: Possible file corruption bug
  • Fix: Applied bug fix to allow annotation of unconventional Blast hits
  • Update: Enzyme resource files
  • Update: GO Dag OBO file
  • Update: Taxonomy info files
  • Fix: Report failed because of erroneous enzyme commission codes
  • Update: Enzyme resource files
  • Update: GO Dag OBO file
  • Fix: license.lic not found on CentOS
  • Fix: Reprise libraries now in temporary folder
  • New GO Mapping now based on MongoDB
  • Adaption of CloudBlast to the new BioBam Cloud Platform
  • New Generic Export Function allows extensive customized CSV data export
  • Annotation Export includes now Enzyme Codes
  • Additional parameters for the Longest ORF function
  • Improved file handling allows relative file paths, white spaces in file names and automatic file extensions
  • Fixed Export SeqTable function (duplicated description line)
  • New licensing system that allows for floating licenses (e.g. clusters or multiple workstations)
  • New -ecmapping switch to retrieve Enzyme Codes from annotated GOs (Included in -annotate step)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Gene Ontology mapping and overall speed improvements
  • Option to specify a location to store all temporary files with the parameter -tempfolder
  • New statistic charts for GO mapping, Enzyme Codes and InterProScan results added
  • Gene Ontology Graph visualization has been removed
  • Fixed compatibility issue of .b2g files generated with the Blast2GO Desktop version
  • Fix for headless environments (systems without any graphics support)
  • Bug fix for InterProScan import function
  • Allows a non standard port for the local database connection
  • Improved PDF report (see attached example: Tomato)
  • Run Blast locally or via the Blast2GO CloudBlast
  • Run a remote InterProScan directly from within the Blast2GO command line
  • Improved local database installation and update
  • Extract Fasta sequences from a Reference Genome via a GFF or GTF file
  • More detailed and explicatory properties file
  • More detailed logging and additional export functions

System Requirements

  • Blast2GO Command line tools are designed to work on all three major platforms (Linux, Mac OS, Win).
  • All systems have to have Java 11+ installed.
  • We recommend at least 1 GB of ram.
  • For a local Blast2GO database a MongoDB server (version 3.4.6+) is necessary.

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