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FastaUpload (FREE)

In case of any further questions regarding this app please write us at: support@biobam.com.


All file have to be in FASTA format and with the corresponding file extension (.fasta, .faa, .fna). Nucleotide and protein FASTA files are allowed. One or several files can be uploaded.

ScreenShot Fasta Uploader BaseSpace Illumina App

CloudBlast (to be released soon)

CloudBlast is a cloud-based resource for high-throughput sequence alignment tasks. It allows you to execute standard NCBI Blast+ searches directly from BaseSpace in a dedicated computing cloud. This is a high-performance, secure and cost-optimized solution for your sequence analysis needs. 

Blasting has always been a bottleneck in homology based bioinformatics analysis and neither public resources nor local installations could provide satisfying solutions to the majority of you. With this new approach we want to provide a permanent solution to this problem. This resource allows you to perform standard blast+ searches for tens of thousands of sequences within a few days against a large collection of protein databases.

We invite you to try this resource and to see yourself if we could fix the blast bottleneck and how it compares to what you are used to. Please contact us at support@blast2go.com for more information.

ICredit Consumption: 

Each sequence alignment performed via CloudBlast consumes a different amount of computation time depending on the sequence length, the blast algorithm (blastx, blastp) as well as the parameters used. We calculate the price of your analysis depending on your input fasta file as well as your parameters. 

BaseSpace is Illumina’s next-generation sequencing cloud computing environment designed with biologists in mind. 

With BaseSpace you can easily and securely analyze, archive, and share your NGS data, anywhere and anytime – without the support of IT administrators or a team of bioinformaticians. 

For more information visit BaseSpace at: http://basespace.illumina.com