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Over 15k Researchers Choose OmicsBox for their projects!

OmicsBox is the leading bioinformatics solution that offers end-to-end NGS data analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, and metagenomes.

We have designed OmicsBox to be user-friendly, efficient, and with a powerful set of tools to extract biological insights from omics data.

OmicsBox is used bytop private and public research institutios worlwide. Allos researchers to easily process large and complex data sets, and streamline their analysis process. 


Five modules to easily process large and complex data sets

From raw read to functional insights fast and easy!

Easily convert raw DNA-Seq reads into a structurally annotated and curated draft genome.

Identify and anaglyze genetic variations within a population or a species. 

Convert your RNA-Seq samples into Biological Insights.

Functionally annotate and analyze any sequence dataset from scratch.

Allows different types of microbiome analysis like assembly and taxonomic classification.

Over 500 Institutions around the world trust OmicsBox

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BioBam is a leading bioinformatics solution provider which accelerate research in disciplines such as agricultural genomics, microbiology and environmental NGS studies, amongst others.

At Biobam, we are committed to the development of user-friendly software solutions for biological research. Our mission is to transform complex data analysis procedures into an attractive and interactive task. Our ultimate goal is  to close the gap between experimental work, bioinformatics analysis and applied research.

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